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RiKaSysTemZ® is so much more than just a fitness business.  We are an extended family that expands across the UK.  Your journey, starts right here, with the rest of the #rikafam


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As we find ourselves in a lockdown, RiKaSysTemZ® Ltd had to think quickly and place as many classes online as possible.  Click here to find out more and sign up! 


If you're interested in becoming an instructor we would love to hear from you.  Fill in the simple form and we will send you further information.  You can chat to us via the telephone too if you like!  Call us on 01446 731 281.

Interested in becoming an instructor?

Get started today, spread the RiKa craze to your area!

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You have a couple of choices to help you decide and to become a part of the family.....

Member Testimonials

If you're nervous for any reason, then let actual members put your mind at ease.  Hear what they are saying about classes, instructors and other members.

FAQ Page

You may have some questions that need answering.  Our FAQ page may have the answer you're looking for, click here to find out more.

The Klub

Join our successful nutrition plan! Find out more by clicking here.  This isn't a diet, it's a D.I.E.T.  They look similar but are completely different.

Become a part of the family

From the very first class you attend you will notice the difference from any other class out there.  You immediately feel relaxed, welcomed and ready to take part and have fun whilst working out.  We highly recommend community classes as your main option and an online class as secondary or starter option.

12 Classes in total

With 12 classes to choose from in total, you will be able to work every part of your body and every dimension of fitness, without worry!  Not every instructor does all 12 classes just yet but in time we hope that all instructors will offer all 12 classes in their own static facility. That's our goal to help you keep scoring yours!

Class Descriptions

Why Wait?

There is an instructor waiting to welcome you to the family! Or, for now, you can try our online membership to get you started. Either way, we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to RiKaSysTemZ

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