Class Descriptions

If this is your first time visiting Rikasystemz® and you've no idea what each class is...... Here we give you a little breakdown of each of them so you make the right choice!

Please note: Not all classes are available in all areas. But a good selection are available online! Join Online HERE


Rebounder Class

Rikashake® is our very first class we created.  It is a 30 minute workout on a rebounder (mini trampoline).  It is our most popular class around the UK.  You can burn anything up to 1000 Calories in just 30 minutes.

Body Weight Class

Here we use your own bodyweight and our carefully constructed routines to push you through your paces.  This is our functional class.  Probably the best for shredding and toning!

Hand Weights Class

Another very popular class around the UK.  We use 1Kg to 3Kg hand weights and our carefully constructed routines to shape and tone your upper body.

Resistance Bands

This is mixed with RiKaFleX® above.  Using various strength resistance bands to shape, tone and firm up the legs and bums.  This is a popular class with both men and women.

Kids Rikashake®

Kids absolutely love Rikashake® so we decided to give them their own class!  Parents can join in too.  Routines in this particular class may vary area to area.

Dance Class

Using only the best Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeats and Caribean music this is a dance class dedicated to this genre.  This is quickly growing in popularity.

Punchbag Class

This is another very popular class.  As with every other class, this is routine based and is 30 minutes.  If you've had a stressful day this is a great class to take it out on!

Abs & Core

This class is only 20 minutes.  It's dedicated to abs and core and is a great class to shape the abs and strengthen the core!  Two classes a week is perfect!

Mix of All

RiKaMiX® is a mixture of all the class in one 45 minute class.  So if you can't decide which class you want to try, this may be a good starting point. (Not all classes are available in all areas)

Now you know!

Now that you know what each class is, why not find a class near you?


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