Here's what you will get with the training....

The Entry Level Routines

Master Class

  • You will learn the first 6 routines to be able to go off and hold your own class.  We will help you perfect these.
  • You will get a routine breakdown without music and routine practice with music until you're confident with the routines
  • This is delivered in person to ensure you have that extra and immediate support in front of you on the day

Online Instructor Portal

In Your Own Time

  • Once you have completed your entry level training.  You gain access to the online instructor portal where there's lots more routines
  • The same training structure as you received in person is also online.  Breakdown & Routine and access 24/7
  • Everything you need to build and grow your own classes will be at hand for you

Self Employed Freedom

Be Your Own Boss

  • Do as many or as few classes as you like.  Your earning potential is uncapped, what you put in dictates what you get out
  • Start teaching your own classes as soon as you have finished your entry level training, hit the ground running
  • You will have everything you need to step out and start your own classes immediately after training, you decide when

Rikariddim Training Course


1 Full Day

  • Master 6 starter routines
  • Payment Plan Option
  • Class starter knowledgebase
  • Booking system introduction
  • Access to Instructor Portal

Everything you need to start your very own classes will be provided to you in this one day master class.

We have been in business for over 10 years teaching Rika classes to people across the UK and training instructors to run their own business.  We know what it takes to build a business and build your own classes and memberbase.  We will give you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to go out and build your own fitness business using our brand and routines.  Register with confidence, train with reassurance.

Here's what we need from you...

A short video introducing yourself and showing us that you have the ability to dance using two 8 counts without music and then with music.  You have two options, you can upload an unlisted video to YouTube, then fill in the form below ensuring you have included the link to your video and then click submit.  Or you can fill in the form below, click Submit and then upload a video directly to us from your phone or device.

If you have any problems at all, please don't hesitate to contact us in the menu options.